Live or Retire in Mexico: Fruit Trees in Your Yard

Hopefully when you live in Mexico you will have enough “land” around you to enjoy fruit trees. Our landlord has a nispero (loquat) treet in our yard and they are so delicious. My little son is standing out under the tree calling for me to go out and pick him some more. What a tough life we live in Mexico! …I’d better go, it’s nispero time.

More in Independence Day 2007

In a prior post about Independence day, I talked about the grito in the zocalo and how it was covered on T.V. I shared my observations about it with a friend, who was interested, then told me what they were probably hiding. A friend of hers had told her that there were two gritos in the zocalo!

Apparently members of the PRD did their own grito that night.

I guess the news media had to cover that up. Isn’t it amazing how much we can think we know based on what we see on the media–yet it’s not the whole story.

Wood Fired Banana

Suddenly, from the street comes the most horrible, ear piercing wail. No, it’s not an elephant being tortured. It’s the wood fired banana sales cart.

These carts are painted blue and inside of a special drawer bananas are roasting to a soft mush. At the bottom hot coals are smoldering. In another special drawer, firewood is being heated in an oxygen poor environment to turn it into coals for the fire.

You get your banana in a paper plate with a little plastic spoon to eat it. You can have sweetened condensed milk and colored sprinkles for topping.