Inside Information for Those Who Want to Work, Live, and Retire in Mexico

Is Mexico the place for me?

No matter whether you retire in Mexico or work for a few years, living in Mexico is a rewarding challenge that will change your life for the better.

image of cover of e-book: Mexico The Trick is Living Here
Before you live or retire in Mexico read this humorous, practical e-book.


“The information contained in Julia Taylor’s e-book is forthright and entertaining, and Ms. Taylor’s polished prose illuminates the cultural and economic issues from the vantage point of someone who is experiencing Mexico at the ground level.

“If you are thirsty for specific details about life in Mexico, and you want those details served with wit and candor, I heartily recommend Mexico: The Trick is Living Here.

“I bought a copy, and I think I struck a wonderful bargain.”

–Michael Greene, Online Instructor

At the same time, it is important not to underestimate the STRESS it will cause. Mexican culture is compatible with US and Canadian cultures but it is different.

Before you decide to live in Mexico you need to answer many questions to be sure that it is THE RIGHT OPTION FOR YOU. After you have arrived here, you will have a thousand new questions that you didn’t even know you were going to ask! (I try to answer most of these questions in my eBook.)

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I have created this website out of my personal experience here in Mexico. doorway in Mexico(Please click on the “Author” link to find out more.) It is an honest look at Mexico through the eyes of an American woman. It PROVIDES ANSWERS to the heartfelt questions everyone asks when they think they may want to live, work or retire in Mexico.

This website is here for you in your search for answers about REAL LIFE in Mexico. This website is here to help YOU to shape YOUR life in Mexico.

What do YOU need to know before you live in Mexico?


“Gracias, Julia!!

“I alternate between reading my Lonely Planet phrasebook and your wonderful writing and I’ve almost forgotten that it’s 45 degrees here and that we actually had a freak snow shower last week.

“I love your writing! The humor you inject is wonderful and most importantly to me – never derisive or superior in its tone, as I sometimes note with other travel articles.

“Your pants shopping expedition made me laugh out loud, being a reality-based size myself! I’m having so much fun with what you’ve created, and my British husband is ready for a change for retirement. Who knows where we many land?

“In addition to his family in England and Wales, we have a daughter who teaches in Shanghai and a daughter who lives in New Zealand, so travel is near and dear to us…. and always on the cheap.

“No, I wasn’t technically astute to capture either the useful links or the tamale-making (our office cleaning lady, Suzi, who’s from Mexico, makes wonderful chicken ones that all the real estate agents order regularly from her.)

“Thanks again! I’m savoring your e-book. We’re going to the Oregon coast next week for my husband’s birthday and I’m presenting your e-book as his gift. I know he’ll love it too.

“~Sharon Foster~ “

Don’t Move to Mexico Without It

The Third Edition of Mexico: The Trick is Living Here has an entirely updated section on getting your visa based on the new immigration regulations that came into effect in November of 2012.  It also includes information on how to bring your vehicle, how to image of cover of e-book: Mexico The Trick is Living Hereget permission to bring your household items, and other useful information related to “paperwork.”

Now you have a friend who lives in Mexico!

When you do something totally new it always helps to talk to someone who has already done it. Reading the Third Edition of Mexico: The Trick is Living Here is like talking to a friend about life in Mexico.

It also includes information specific to the Canadian experience of living abroad. Canadians who wish to work, live or retire in Mexico, will benefit from the tips on residence issues, banking, etc.

There is also a detailed section on the cost of living, that has been praised by many readers because it is information that isn’t found anywhere else in print!

The section on transportation includes a side-splitting section on driving in Mexico. (Warning: It’s funnier to read about driving in Mexico than to actually drive in Mexico.)

Of course, the third edition is still as honest and funny as the first and second editions were and once you start reading it, you won’t want to put it down.

You don’t have to take my word for it. The independent book reviewer for Mexicoconnect loved it too.

“Julia Taylor’s ebook, The Trick is Living Here, is an informative reference on getting settled in Mexico as well as a delight to read. It isn’t everyday that you find a good source of solid, factual information coupled with a wry sense of humor.

The fact that The Trick is Living Here is a good read is a bonus. It is actually a detailed guidebook that offers solid, down-to-earth information on how to go about living in Mexico with the fewest surprises and glitches possible.”

–Rita Pomade

Learn more about Mexico: The Trick is Living Here

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